Sooner or later.......

You reach that time in life when you can't stand the conformity, and the jibes of the kids, and the unreasonable expectations of "grown-ups", and....... and........

My last close encounters with two wheels were back in the seventies, when you could ride 250's (well, 249's) on L plates. The "Dream Twin" had megaphones, June could hear me coming 5 miles away, and it was quieter when they eventually fell off. Then I got knocked off twice in rapid succession. I guess I was more intelligent in those days.

When junior got a Yamaha DT-50 last year (see the L-plates? har har har), it was just too much to take any longer.

The "Transalp" (thanks again Honda) gets up the track to the house and it's fun as well. OK, it's not a Blade or a Ninja, but it's OK for 120, which is about as fastg as an ageing old fart can take.

At any rate, it's faster than a Land Rover!

And the new addition is MUCH faster than a Land Rover - good for 160 - the Honda VFR800i

A picture of me and June's cousin David - VFR & Ducati - can you have too much of a good thing?  I think not!

Here's the third bike - already living up to its name. makes it an all-Honda stable, then......

Other TransAlp biking sites

For some reason or other, the UK is infatuated with supersports and race replica biking. You don't get to hear much about monster trailies, or even see many of 'em over here. No such inhibitions on the continent, though. The Germans and Dutch seem dead keen on TransAlps, you see them all over the place.

A really good site with lots of links elsewhere is maintained by Detlev Muller which is my inspiration when I need to find out anything about the bike. Lots of pictures (the continentals get up to some crazy tricks), plus servicing, parts, you name it, it's all there.

If it's up to date news and other TransAlpers views you want, then try Erik Eastrup's email list - Lots of good up to date info.

Another guy worth looking at is Carsten Beuthel. (If you can read German).

Likewise (if you read German), Jurgen Koch has a really interesting site.

The German TransAlp Club's pages are at Transalpfreunde Deutschland

And the Dutch Club is at Transalp Club Netherlands' home page

And the Aussies are into TransAlps in a big way too - not surprising really!

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David A Horne

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