After 13 years, it's time to move on

Byerhope Farm has been our family home for over 13 years - longer than anywhere we have ever lived before by a considerable margin.

But like everything else in life, things move on. The children are growing up, (and the sheep too), and our lives are changing.

So Byerhope was sold in July 1997. It was a hard parting. I guess it's not a house for most people, but it's certainly unique. Of course the weather was perfect when we moved, and it even managed to rain when I was there on my own for the very last time.

So here's my farewell retrospective on Byerhope.

Byerhope at the end of a sunny autumn evening (not as infrequent as you might imagine!)

The view from the front windows - South-West.

What it's like in winter - and glorious isolation!

Byerhope from the top of the fell - in winter again

One of the bedrooms

Hard at work making hay while the sun shines

"Getting out"

What about slope-soaring straight from the front door?

And.... last but not least, the bit we all miss the most - the animals

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Last modified: December 30th 2004