Night walks - sanity or insanity? You decide.

Over the years, our mid summer (hah ha) night walks have proved that summer in the Lakes is generally wetter than spring or autumn (or winter come to that). At least, that's what I reckon.

Anyone have photos from these walks? (yes, yes, I know you can't take photos in the dark).

Likewise, please feel free to call me a fuddled old fart if I have any of the dates or locations mixed up - I won't take offence (or even a small potting shed).


2001: A good 'un, up Skiddaw. View from the top but rather misty and breezy.


June 2002: (yes it really was summer).

An interesting little foray to Great Gable. Limited to insane individuals only.


2003: Skiddaw (again). This time, madmen included visitors from as far afield as Telford (hello Richard). Arrived on top too early so had a good sleep on the Northern top waiting for dawn. Bottle of champagne was opened and enjoyed by the select company. Amazing how all those towns and villages that show up so well in the dark just simply disappear as soon as starts to get light.


June 2004: Bowfell - a Preston-only affair, which is probably why the weather was so good.. This is one that I will forever curse work for getting in the way of (excuse my english). The excellent photos are courtesy of Trevor. Bowfell in the dark! And on a beautiful night by the looks of it. Rats!


Late summer 2004: High Street via the classic approach (Long Stile). Weather reasonable rather than good. But good enough to sit around on the top waiting for a sunrise that beckoned well but was disappointing in practice.


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