The Coniston Round: Monday 16th June 1997

A good ol' round: Coniston Old Man, Swirl How, Wetherlam.

Plenty of deviations for the devious, and short ways off for the knackered.

Starting from car park 1km WSW from Coniston Village (meet up approx 11.30):

Goat's water route up Old Man.

Ridge walk to Swirl How.

And again to Wetherlam (well, it was too hot, so we didn't bother)

How did it go? Ha! Ha!

With Nicklin crying off, the weather just had to be good..... and so it was! The day dawned brilliant blue sky and sun as we gathered at the the Bond's place in Hexham. And the Lakes? Sunny but not so hot or unclouded as to be unbearable. The select few (7 in all) got of to a cracking early start at 11.30 am from Coniston. General lethargy took its toll, so we never made Wetherlam - but so what, it was a very sociable kind of outing and it took us till about 7pm to get down, having covered surprisingly few miles.

Without our esteemed leader, no-one was able to make decisions about anything, but it didn't seem to matter. Even the dog couldn't be bothered.

Any old excuse for a pause. The team attacking the first slope - it's a hot morning!

The dog went for swim ......... And still managed to get to the top first (and he's 56)

The team on the Ziggurat .... And what they were looking at (too hazy for Blackpool)

And the other way - ahh! ..... The old man of Coniston

Happiness is lunchtime ........ The team deciding whether to tackle Wetherlam

Can I be bothered to go in? Huh, no, 'cos nobody else is moving so why bother

Homeward bound in the sun Where's the boozer then?


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